AngularJS Online Training

AngularJS Online Training

AngularJS Online Training

Rakesh Tech Solutions  is one of the leading IT Institutions for  AngularJS Online Training which is located in Hyderabad  with the objective of providing a Training services for various requirements in IT industry. Rakesh Tech Solutions   is started by a group of highly talented faculty in their respective courses  with online support for students and Employees in world wide.

Locations -  Hyderabad, India, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Saudi Arabia,Pakistan, Singapore, Kuwait.

Angular JS  Course topics that covered by our professionals:

Ø  History

Ø  Introduction to Angular JS

Ø  Application loading in Angular JS

Ø  Features of Angular

Ø  Angular Expressions

Ø  Angular Directives

·         ng-app

·         ng-controller

·         ng-bind

·         ng-model

Ø  Angular Controllers

·         Single Controller

·         Multiple Controllers

Ø  Angular Filters

·         Currency filter

·         Lowercase filter

·         Order By filter

·         Uppercase filter

Ø  Angular DOM

·         ng-show

·         ng-hide

·         ng-class

·         ng-disable

·         ng-required

Ø  Angular Events

·         ng-click

·         ng-dbl-click

·         ng-mousedown

·         ng-mouseenter

·         ng-mouseleave

·         ng-mousemove

·         ng-keydown

·         ng-keyup

·         ng-keypress

·         ng-change


 Angular Modules

Angular scopes

Angular Http Service (Ajax)

Form fields validation

Angular Jqlite

Routing in Angular JS

Advantages of Angular

Limitations of Angular

Examples on each topic

Real time Application in Angular

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