Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing
Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing is the kind of Internet Marketing any service or product that includes online electronic devices(Mobile Apps). It is basically the promotion of products and brands via one or more forms of electronic media.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing is different from the traditional marketing, as it includes the usage of methods and channels that enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns and comprehend what is working or what is not – usually in real time. Know how it better from traditional marketing.

The debate carries on as to whether digital marketing is surpassing and overpowering traditional marketing or not.

The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing are clear: one targets on the web or online electronic media and the other targets on offline electronic or media such as radio, print, television and direct mail.

Both share analogous goals. Both are used to draw qualified customers and create brand awareness in your market, and they work together to influence successful marketing outcomes.

Digital marketing refers to using digital devices, channels and platforms to create or promote your marketing message.

Why people prefer digital marketing than traditional marketing or

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

1. Cost Effective:

Digital marketing is very cost effective than advertising in traditional media such as radio, tv, print media and yellow pages. A well-executed strategy of digital marketing for a reasonable monthly investment provides your business the power to participate effectively against huge competitors, create new revenue, reach a big audience of qualified users and obtain the data you require accurately measure your ROI (Return on Investment).

2. Reach:

in digital marketing reach is high than traditional marketing, you are more likely reach people who are actually interested in your products and less likely to annoy, those are not interested.

3. User-Interaction:

in digital marketing, there can be a lot of direct contact between the user and the business which means that the business or profession can get some most valuable customer feedback.

But tradition marketing is static that means there is no way to interact with the user or audience. It is more like - you are only throwing information in front of individuals and hoping that they decide to take any action.

4. Coverage:

In traditional marketing, coverage of your service or product will be aired on television or radio and printed on paper media. Unfortunately, the coverage or exposure of your products will get is very momentary. For instance, the newspaper, where your high-cost business advertisements are shown in, is going to thrown out next day.

On the other hand, your online coverage will be always there for like forever. It will be stored on the web and ready to be found simply whenever your customers require it.

5. Tracking:

It is very difficult to keep record of traditional marketing strategy. On the other way, online marketing is easy to track.

7 big categories in digital marketing those are:

  1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. SMM: Social Media Marketing
  5. SEM: Search Engine Marketing
  6. PPC: Pay Per Click
  7. Affiliate Marketing

4 big categories in traditional marketing :

Enhanced Offline Marketing:

This is an entirely form of traditional marketing, but enhanced by electronic devices.

For instance, if your restaurant utilizes iPads for your customers to make their orders on, then the offline experience of say, taking Thai food, is enhanced by this electronic device.


  1. Electronic billboards
  2. Digital product demos
  3. Digital product samples

Radio Marketing:


Radio is still here. Since radio did really well in transitioning to the internet, it has not taken as large of a hit as TV.

  1. Radio commercials
  2. Show sponsoring

Some facts of radio marketing:

  • Radio Listeners listen 2 hrs per day, on average
  • Radio still achieves 85% of the US residents every week
  • Approx half of the residents of the US listens to internet radio as a minimum once in a month
  • 40% of all radio advertising costs worldwide comes from the US

Television Marketing:

TV ads have been approximately for more than half a century. If you do plan on doing traditional marketing, it is suggested that you spend your money and time focusing on a marketing channel or platform of the future.


  • TV commercials
  • Tele-shopping
  • Super Bowl commercials

Phone Marketing:

At last, the largest and fastest growing area of traditional marketing is phone marketing.


  • Cold calling
  • Text message marketing (coupons, giveaways, loyalty programs)
  • QR codes

The world has changed into a very digital atmosphere. Not just magazines are going to digital, you execute many of your every day tasks like banking online and much of your reading is done on e-readers. On account of the rise of the digital age, it only appears like common sense to invest in a digital campaign.

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