career of digital marketing
career of digital marketing

career of digital marketing




What is Scope of Digital Marketing


Before we understand the scope of digital marketing let us first understand about this industry. Digital marketing is a marketing method to promote products in online. So in simple terms, we can say that we are promoting our products to customers who are using the internet. Many concepts of traditional marketing are applicable to digital marketing.

Introductions -

This is the major source in Internet marketing with a simple concept. But this is not soo simple, it seems to be simple but not easy. So Marketing refers to Digital Marketing Training. So what is Digital Marketing ? Generally Digital Marketing is defined as the process of used design or form a possible way. This procedure is used for growth in business to make it profitable.

Internet marketing is one of the most popular way of promoting your business and this is one of the cheapest way of publicity. You may having the doubt 'why can't we telecast in televisions or why don't we give an advertisements in Radio's or display in the form of Hordings, Banners on the road'. Why not we can do that only if you are ready to invest min 10 to 50 lakhs or may be in crores, So that might be a problem for small scale business enterprenuers.

For newly born business and 'currently established business' this best option and for 'well established business' this would be huge promotion in market expansion. Our sincere advice to the upcoming Enterprenuers is to invest their money in Internet-Marketing for promotion is better than other ways of marketing. The charges are so reasonable that anyone can afford it, let me tell you an  example suppose you invest money nearly 10,000 per month in Internet marketing i.e 10,000*12 months you will be charged 1,20,000. In other hand if you give the advertisements in television you will be charged atleast 5 to 10 lakhs. So it is depended on you.


Get a Job in Industry:

The simple and best way to start your career in digital marketing is to find a job. In digital marketing, we have many different specializations so you will have different options to start your career.


a.    Digital marketing strategist


b.    Digital marketing executive


c.    SEO analyst


d.    Social media specialist


e.    Google AdWords specialist


f.     Email marketing specialist


g.    Web Analyst


h.    Online reputation manager


And there will more specialized job roles to choose in digital marketing.


Online Money Earning

1.Google AdSense

2.Affiliate Marketing



Start Freelancing Services:

Freelancing is the concept of offering your services to clients on a part-time basis from your home. Sitting at your home you can build your clients globally. Thanks to online websites like, etc. you can start offering your freelancing services.

Earn with Affiliate Marketing & AdSense:

You can start your blog/website/app in a specific niche of your interest and initially work hard to build traffic & viewers. After generating good traffic, you can make a good income with AdSense & affiliate marketing techniques.


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