Seo canonical form training video tutorial

seo canonical form training video tutorial

seo canonical form training video tutorial

What is a canonical URL?

Every page on your web site should be referred to using one and ONLY one URL.  This single URL for a page is called the canonical (preferred) URL.  There you have it!  Easy… breezy!  Sounds simple enough.

Why implement URL canonicalization?

ding duplicate content and split link juice/split page rank.  This is not optimal from an SEO perspective. And if you’re an SEO then you do get paid to “optimize”, right?  Let me explain…
For example, you may have a page on your site – an index.html default document – that lives in a folder off the root of your web called somefolder. That page may be accessible using many different URLs such as:


So in the example above, I would select as my canonical URL.  But that is just my preference.  You may like your canonical URL.  And this is perfectly fine.


 The important thing is that you think about it ahead of time, come up with a canonicalization policy, and implement rules to enforce your decisions whatever they may be… and do it site-wide!



•<link href=" " rel="canonical" />



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