Digital marketing training kukatpally hyderabad

digital marketing training kukatpally hyderabad

digital marketing training kukatpally hyderabad

Digital Marketing Training in Kukatpally

Rakesh Tech Solutions is one of the leading Digital Marketing Training (SEO, SEM , SMO and SMM) Class Room and Online Training Institutions, which is located in Kphb, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Best Digital Marketing Courses at best prices compared to other digital marketing institutes in Hyderabad, best Training Classes in digital marketing Class like SEO, SMO, SEM (PPC) , Content Marketing, Video & Social Media Marketing

ABOUT Rakesh Tech Solutions

• Rakesh Tech Solutions is a field of vision for the sporting professionals, who are looking out for the Digital Marketing career or assistance. With focus on comprehensive Digital Marketing Training aspects, we Train on 360 degree digital marketing that will help an Individual discover best methods to market a product or services online successfully.

At Rakesh Tech Solutions we support freshers, graduates, working professionals and established marketers who require assistance to up skill in digital marketing world.



• Our Trainers are supported by technology, documents and practical resources that enable the students to learn and refresh the required knowledge at a destined time and pace.

• Being an adwords certified individual, trainers have more than 7+ years of experience along with adword certification and web analytics certification and our modules are built to cover the key aspects of digital marketing focusing on core business.

• The Training programs are designed to bridge the gap between traditional academia and industry demands

Who Should Attend?

• Working Professionals

Open gates for multiple industries. Get a plethora of job opportunities. Expertise your skills for career growth Planning to start your own business? Work as a part timer, make money online.

• Entrepreneurs

Market your company or business online, Reach targeted audience and boost traffic, Generate leads and covert sales, Save up to 75% of marketing costs, Track and measure your campaign.

• Freshers

More than 1 lac job openings in India, Build your career in Digital marketing, Creative and easy to understand, Developing skills in digital marketing ensures you guaranteed job.

Why Choose Rakesh Tech Solutions ?

• Highlights

Advanced Digital Marketing, In-Depth Study materials, Experienced Faculty, Adwords Certification, Job Assistance and Interview Training, Practical Assignments

• Flexibilities

One-to-one attention, Limited Students, Back-up classes if you miss any, Job Assistance and Placements.

• Placements

More than 1 Lac opening for Digital Marketing Executives and Managers in India.

Rakesh Tech Solutions provides placement assistance at leading organizations of the Industry.


Course Content –

Digital Marketing Introduction

What is Digital Marketing?

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

How is it different from traditional marketing?

Digital Marketing platforms and Strategy?

Types of Digital Marketing – Organic & Paid

ROI between Digital and traditional marketing?

Online Earnings on Digital Marketing

Affiliate Marketing on Digital Marketing

Understanding the Domain , Hosting And  Website

Domain Booking

Web Hosting Purchase

What is a website?

Types of websites?

Website Architecture




File Uplaoding and Downloading

Free Website Creations




Keyword Selection Strategies

Keyword Analysis

keyword analysis tools

Keyword Competition

Keyword Selection


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?

Introduction to search engines

How search engines works ?

Business Analysis

Web position Analysis

Comepetition Analysis

SEO Tools

Google Algorithms and Updates

On Page Optimization

Title Tag

Meta Description

Meta Tags

Canonical form

Alt Tag

Anchor Text

Header Tag


Xml Sitemap

Redirections ( 301, 302)

404 File Not Found

Server Side Errors ( Ex. 500, 502. 503.. )

Webmasters (Google, Bing, Yadex, Majestic)

Google Analytics

Offpage Optimization

Search Engine Submissions

Backlink Submission

Social Book markings

PPT, PDF, Document Submisson

Classified Submissions

Article Submissions

Content Marketing

Image Marketing

Video Marketing

Video Strategy

Event Creations

Question And Answers

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Google Map

Google Maps Creation

Google Mapping Updates

Events Creations


Offers Promotions


Profile Creations

Creating groups and pages

Reach And Impressions

Tips and Guides

Posts And promotions

Events Creations and promotions

Video Making and Marketing

Promotional Techniques

Integration Techniques

Money Earning

Marketing Strategies




Set-up and usage


Promoted Tweets

Video Marketing

Promotional Techniques

Integration Techniques


Marketing Techniques

Marketing Strategies


Profile Creations

Company Page Creations

Tips and Guides

Linkedin Groups

Video Posting and Marketing

Promotional Techniques

Marketing Strategies

Integration Techniques


Integration Techniques

Promotional Techniques

Marketing Strategies

Posting Techniques


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Introduction to SEM

Google AdWords

Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

Tools used for Search engine Marketing

Search Advertising

Display Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Video Advertising

Shopping Advertising

Report generation

Smart campaign (Google Adwords Express)


Google Mapping Ads

How to business leads

How to get google map Leads

Get Calls

Store Visit – Physical Location

Website Traffic


Bing Ads


Payment Adding

Create Ads


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Introduction to SMM


Sing up

Payments Methods

Paid Promotion

Video Ads

Event Marketing

15 Type Of ads

Increase likes

Increase engagement and Impressions

Brand Awareness and reach

Apps Install



Set-up and usage


Promoted Tweets

8 Modules of Ads

Payment Method

Video Ads

Mobile Apps Install And Engagement

Apps Install



Setup Paid Ads

LinkedIn Post promotions

LinkedIn Paid Campaigns

Video marketing

Inmail Marketing

Payment Method

Setup New Ads

Discussion Update Ads





Payment Method


Website Traffic

Image Ads

Video Ads


Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

Components of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing types

Affiliate marketing tools

Earning Techniques

Email Marketing

How Email Marketing Works?

Types of mails

What to write

How to write

list creation

Creating e-mailers

Tracking emailers

Create Template


Mobile App Promotions

Android Apps

Iphone Apps

Onapge Optimization

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Tips



Google Partners

Search Advertising

Display Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Video Advertising

Shopping Advertising

Google Analytics

Social Media Marketing Certification



Introduction to Google Analytics

Different types of analytical Tools

Report generation

Conversion tracking setup







Keywords Everywhere





Image Design Tools



Online Reputation Management

Importance of ORM in Digital Marketing

ORM tools and Techiniques


Earning Types

Google Adsense

Content Marketing

Video Marketing

Affiliate Marketing



Digital Marketing Work Process

implementing all the digital marketing practises on a project

connecting one module to the other module

rotating the customer

conversion tracking set up


Package – I

Course With Real – Time Project

Package – II

Course With Real - Time Project and Intenship