create and add seo title and description in your static website


create and add seo title and description in your static website

 create and add seo title and description in your static website


create and add seo title and description in your static website training video tutorial and notes


Meta Title Tag 65 to 70  (best - 60 to 65)

When Search engines crawl the web pages first they go through the title of the page . So title is very important factor in Search engine optimization. In On Page SEO title plays a very important role in optimizing the page in google SERP results. They search for the keywords in the title and understand the topic of the webpage. The search engines decides for what keywords should the page must be displayed in the SERP Results. Title is the introduction to your webpage. So Title Optimization plays an very important role in SEO. Google concentrates more in the title rather than meta keywords.

Title information is written in between the <title> ... </title> tags in head section of the page.

<title>Primary Keyword |Secondry Keyword |Ternary Keyword </title>

Note:Secondry keyword,ternary keyword Should be supported primary keyword

<title>Keyword 1| Keyword 2 |keyword3 </title>

<title>Online Movies | Free Online Movies | Watch Online Movies</title>

Free online movies,watch online movies should  be supported to online movies (primary keyword)

The number of characters in the title tag should not exceed 70. Otherwise the search engine consider the page to be spam. Using the Targetted keywords of that page in the title tags is a good practise and helps in seo title optimization.

meta title tag. Use limited keywords separated with commas(,).

<title> Online Movies, Free Online Movies, Watch Online Movies </title>

Meta Description in SEO

These are very important in optimizing. We must use meta description in every web page. This is the best part after the title tags.

                              The description should be meaningful along with the inclusion of the keywords. The character limit for the Google is 320 (new) / 160(old). For Yahoo is 165. MSN is 200+. So it would be better not to exceed 160.

<meta name="description" content="This is the description of this webpage. The description should be included with the targetted keywords for this page."/>

<meta name=”description” content=” Online Watch Movies, Movies Online Watch, Online Movie, Watch Movie Online, Free Movies Online, Hindi, Hollywood Movie, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam.”/>


Meta Keywords in SEO - 25 words or 200 characters

We write meta keywords in the page to inform the search engines about the main keywords. Google search is not considering the meta keywords in optimizing the web page. But yahoo in considering the keywords in the meta tag. Use limited keywords separated with commas(,).

<meta name="keywords" content="keyword1, keyword2, keyword3,etc../>"

<meta name=”keywords” content=”online movies,free online movies,watch online movies,online movies free to watch,online movie streaming, free online movies,free online movies download, online movies free,free new online movies./>”


Syntax - SEO Onpage

<title>         </title> 
<meta name= "Description" content=" "/>    
<meta name= "Keyword" Content= " "/>   
<meta name="author" content=" domain name "/>



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