What Is The Difference Between SEO VS PPC


What Is The Difference Between SEO VS PPC

What Is The Difference Between SEO VS PPC

What Is The Difference Between SEO VS PPC


SEO and SEM of the options are fantastic but one needs to understand the difference.

SEO is time consuming & changing process while PPC is quick & result-oriented.


Mostly, we all generally go to Google & do the respective search & result depends on various factors. You probably will not know today’s white hat eventually becomes black-hat tomorrow. Anything between white and black hat is called Grey hat techniques. So, you should not cross that line while doing SEO. Also, you need to understand deeply where to stop. So, SEO,career wise has few limitations :


  1. Slow Process and Results take time.
  2. Over the night, your site can be pushed back in the results & you should be ready to answer your boss any point of time.
  3. SEO driven by content marketing & that is where most of the business owner do not want to spend money.
  4. ROI approach is not that clear compared to PPC.


Comparing PPC with SEO, this is costly affair but it depends on Intelligence and mathematics. You can generate quick results and leads. You need to understand In-Depth concepts of Ad words, Social Media and while mixing this up with re-targeting can give you fair amount of Advantage over SEO.


So, career wise, PPC has following advantages


  1. Quick Process & Instant Results.
  2. Work on ROI approach.
  3. Results are measurable and cool reports can be generated.
  4. No need of learning new google update or xyz updates. No need to invest in too many SEO Folks or Content or Social Media Marketing.
  5. The biggest advantage I have seen with PPC folks salary. In my opinion, PPC executives get better salary than SEO.


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