Best Ways To Use Social Media To Your SEO Advantage


Best Ways To Use Social Media To Your SEO Advantage

Best Ways To Use Social Media To Your SEO Advantage

Best Ways To Use Social Media To Your SEO Advantage

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Social Media and SEO 2020 Strategies

1. Trend and Get Mentions

At Pubcon Pro 2017, Stone Henge Consulting’s Eric Enge discussed how Google might use mentions or the popularity of a brand as part of SEO algorithm. More specifically, he talked about how a brand that’s unrecognized by Google can become recognized because of mentions on social media platforms.


This is where important social media and SEO factors such as social accounts and even hashtags could come in. Companies will fail to get functional mentions online if the mentions themselves do not link to a company’s website or profile. As such, one of the first things marketers should do is generate attention. For this, Facebook and Twitter are the best social media for SEO.


2. Build Bridges

Marketers should keep in mind that building relationships with other brands and even influencers will go a long way when it comes to generating clicks and views. These partnerships can also help in a website’s bid to gain more mentions. Of course, it is important to only build bridges with entities that are related to their core beliefs and ethics, so that they are able to establish a brand.


Although how SEO and social media work together remains somewhat a mystery, what we do know is how important the mentions, reputation, and popularity are now.


3. Generate Links

One of the best ways SEO can benefit from social media is through linking. By simply creating a post with a link to the company’s website or content, marketers will be able to help in the SEO rankings to some extent. This may sound easy but in fact, it is the hardest social media and search engine optimization strategy there is.


What companies get from the link will fully depend on the third party, which are the consumers. To create effective links, companies must ensure that it has a catchy title, a good display image, and most importantly, an interesting post to come along with it. Marketers should also take advantage of organic and paid promotions as these will get them extra clicks and visits.


In addition, marketers will need to have great knowledge about search engine optimization for Facebook as there is a lot of competition within the platform.

In time, social signals will have a lasting mark on SEO. And before that time comes, marketers should be prepared with strategies of their own as it is no longer a secret that the two most dominating figures in the internet, social media and SEO, are only growing closer and closer.


Best Three Ways

1. Get the right followers.


Followers on social media are a lot like links in the SEO world. It’s not so much about the number as it is the quality. To get these followers, don't buy them. Consistently building your social media presence, encouraging users to follow your page for special discounts or VIP offers, and generally offering good content will result in an increased following.


We’ve seen firsthand how a large, good-quality social following can lead to increased website traffic and higher quality traffic with a greater ROI.


2. Use social media for external link-building.


To piggyback off the last point, the greater number of followers you have, the greater the potential for shares you have online as well. And the more shares on social media you have, the more opportunities people have to see your content and link to it.


Focus on creating popular content. Popular content is fun, engaging, useful, visually appealing, entertaining and most importantly, share-worthy. To create high-quality content make sure your content is original, thought-provoking, full of answers, actionable, easy to read and has a strong headline.


And always include a link back to your main website domain. If you create high-quality content that gains traction on social media, both consumers and other websites will reference your link, which greatly helps your SEO. To best reach your target audience, take advantage of content promotion tools like Facebook Targeting or Twitter Ads.


3. Build your brand.


Don’t just share content for the sake of sharing content. We ensure that everything we post for our clients reflects the company’s mission and core values. If you don’t have a mission or core values expressly stated, I suggest making a mission statement and three to four core values for every single post to relate to.


At the same time, don’t make every post overly promotional or salesy. Our company uses a two-pronged process. We post engaging pictures, memes and articles that have to do with the client’s industry to grab the attention of those scrolling through their Facebook feed. This provides an entertaining aspect. But we also post ads, aimed primarily at getting a click to the client’s website. The website is, of course, search engine optimized.


Even if customers aren’t initially clicking on social media paid ads, this tactic is beneficial. Why? Because we generally click on the brands we know, not random brands we’ve never heard of. That means, the bigger your brand recognition is and the more consumers trust you, the likelier you are to receive a larger share of clicks on Google. The more clicks you get on Google from your new social audience, the higher you will start to rank.


4. Engage locally.


One thing search engines look for is how well you are engaging with your local community. That being the case, it isn’t just a good idea to reach out locally via social media, it’s a necessity.


To do this, update your accounts whenever your company gets involved in a local event. You can take pictures of these events or run live videos. If you are working with another organization or business nearby, let everyone know about it online. Post and comment on their social channels and encourage them to do the same on yours. Share their best content and seek out guest blog opportunities.


As you do this, you’ll simultaneously gain the trust of Google and potential customers in your area.

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