Google Tag Manager Fundamentals videos


Google Tag Manager Fundamentals videos

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals videos

Google    Tag    Manager (GTM)  is a free solution, introduced in  October 2012.
GTM is for managing Google  Analytics, advertising and other  tracking tags across your website  or multiple websites.
Tags are tiny bits of website code that let
you measure traffic and visitor behavior.
Adding tags without efficient management  prompts big problems.
Incorrectly applied tags can result in  duplications or missing data.
With Google Tag Manager, you eliminate  these problems and run your campaigns  when you need them.
If you have too many tags in you website.
If new tags to be added in future, you can directly add in GTM.

How does GTM actually work?

GTM offers more versatile tag-management  technology

GTM is cookie less domain. It keeps track of  a set of tags and tag-firing rules that define  when those tags should be made available  on your site.

When a user visits the site, the most up-to-  date tag configuration is sent over to the  end-user’s browser with instructions for  which tags should come into picture.

Benefits with GTM    :-
GTM can be used in both Mobile sites and  Normal sites.
To Evaluate your tagging strategy for both  improvements and corrections.
To Manage tags outside of development work.
To Quickly implement new tags.
Decrease page load time by firing tags in GTM.
To Expand the possibilities of the analytics.
Increase the accuracy and consistency of tags.
Increase visibility of what tags exist across site.

Is It Securable?
Automatic Error Checking
Prevents publication if tags aren’t properly formatted.
Error Recovery Features
To make sure that no one will deploy a tag that’s going to break  the site.
User Permission Controls
To grant different levels of access.
History Revisions

What Tags we can Add?

To add AdWords Conversion Tracking Tags.
To add Google Analytics Tracking Code.
To verify Google web master tools.
To add double click Floodlight tags.
To add other non-google related tags.
To add custom Image Tags.

How to Configure GTM?

GTM only takes a few minutes to set up an account.

Google Tag Manager has built-in tag Templates for AdWords

Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics, DoubleClick Floodlight,  and AdWords Remarketing.

Process of GTM Creation:

1.Go to to create a Google Tag  Manager account.
2.Create a container for your site in the account 
3.Add the container snippet to your site.

You’ll then be ready to add tags to your site via the Google Tag Manager user interface.



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