Get More subscribers and Views On YouTube


Get More subscribers and Views On YouTube

Get More subscribers and Views On YouTube

How to Get More subscribers and Views On YouTube Videos 2020 


How can I get more views on my YouTube Videos

Video upload unlisted

proper title 60 / 100

proper description 250+ / 5000

proper tag with short name 220/ 500

recording date

enable / disable comment and rating button

video category

add playlist

end screen



enable content id - no copyright your video

thumbnails - 1280*720

seo keywords suggestions - vidiq toolbar


start promotions

use pintrest

social bookmarking

google marking


Social Networks

Forum and Blog Marketing







Building YouTube subscriber (viewer) list organically:

1. Pinging -

The very first thing you should do after uploading a video is go to In the space provided under “website name or title”, type in the title of your video. Fill in the videos URL. Select a category. Enter the CAPTCHA and click on the “ping my site” button.

Amongst other things, pinging informs the search engines that there is new content available for indexing.


2. Commenting -

Commenting on other people’s videos can have a major impact on the amount of views your videos and profile receive. But the first thing you should do after uploading a video is be the first to comment on it! (yes, comment on your own video) This will encourage others to follow along.

I have not seen many bloggers or marketers do this but it can dramatically increase the amount of comments and ratings your video receives. Just saying something simple such as “Please tell me what you think… leave a comment” or “Give me some feedback… leave a comment and rate the video” can have a positive effect on your efforts. When commenting on other people’s videos, I usually will try to find the one’s with a large number of views or go the opposite direction and comment on the newest videos to make sure I’m the first.


3. Social Networks -

Once you have uploaded your video to one of the popular video sharing sites, you should share it with as many people as possible. You should start with your own social network and share it on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networking sites. As you share it with your friends ask them to share it with their friends by either positing it as part of the status update on Facebook or asking people to re-tweet on Twitter. You should seek out special interest groups that would be interested in seeing your video. For example, if you created a video about skateboarding, post your video on Facebook among Skateboarding groups and fans of various Skateboarding brands.

4. Forum and Blog Marketing -

One thing that I’ve had success with was promoting it on relevant forums. For example, if it is a video about dog training, it could be promoted on dog forums (there are plenty!). Basically you want to find your audience, and head there. You can put it in your signature, or even make a post about it. Just be careful that you don’t push too hard, as that could turn people off.

You should also reach out to Blogs and first leave your video as a comment, but contact the author as well to ask them to feature your video as future blog post. You should seek out Yahoo Groups and should post your video for their members to see. Post your video on as many places as possible.


5. Rating -

As you share your video among your social network and on forums, ask people to rate it high. A high rated video will show up higher on search results, and if you target the right keywords will result in higher “targeted” views.


6. Social Bookmarking -

Submitting your videos to popular social bookmarking websites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, and can produce a heavy stream of increased traffic to your videos. Submitting to these sites will also help your video get indexed faster and provide extra link juice to increase your search engine rankings. One of the keys to effective social bookmarking is submitting other people’s content and not just your own. People who use these sites will see your profile and consider your account purely self-promotional or even worse they may see it as spam if all you are doing is submitting your own content.There is a lot of value in passing around quality information and even if the content isn’t your own, you can still be viewed as an authority if you are providing readers with valuable links to quality information.

TIP – Always inform the original video/content owner that you have submitted their work to a social bookmarking website. You may get the favor returned.


7. Web 2.0 Blog Distribution -

You can use Posterous ( – to distribute your videos across multiple blogs and social networking websites.

The first thing you will want to do is set up accounts and a simple blog on these services: Blogger (, Xanga (, Tumblr (, LiveJournal ( (You will also have a blog automatically created for you on posterous). Send an The first e-mail you send posterous should be a“test” e-mail.

Place the word “test” in the subject line and just some random text in the email body. Posterous will automatically create a blog for you. You can change your blogs URL and create a username and account. In the top right hand corner of the screen, click on the “manage” link. Then, on the manage screen select “Autopost” of the left hand side. Click the “add service” button to add all of your various blogs.

Now you can e-mail posterous ( and your videos will automatically be post on these various sites.Enter the title of your video in the subject line. You can copy and paste the description either before or after the video. Place the link to your video. Select anchor text. The anchor text you use should be a keyword you are trying to rank for.




8. Article Marketing -

Writing articles and submitting them to popular article directories can be a great

Doing this also provides backlinks back to your video meaning higher search results. A list of 1010 article

Building your

YouTube subscriber (viewer) list in a paid way:

Youtube marketing

Skip ad

Non-skippable ads

Overlay ads

Bumper ads


Best ways to promote YouTube videos:


Video Title (Optimize it for more clicks)

Video Tags – Utilize the 500 characters limit

Use a good thumbnail

Use Intro and outro video for Branding

Promote videos on Social media channels

Start a blog for YouTube channel

Use YouTube Playlist

Use Call to action

Interview Influencers In Your Niche

YouTube’s Creator Academy

Share your latest video with your YouTube community



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